• Peter Fount

    Peter Fount

  • Greg Martin

    Greg Martin

    Big Seahawks, Sounders fan. Yep, I'm also a long suffering Mariners fan. Love the Craft brew scene we have in the NW.

  • Richard Raizes

    Richard Raizes

    Partner at Plutus21 Capital. Follow for insights from a top performing blockchain / crypto fund manager. Not giving advice.

  • ali hobballah

    ali hobballah

  • Astley Fitzwarren

    Astley Fitzwarren

    Living the UK as 40+ entrepreneur, long term married, children. Self-developing and trying to enjoy every moment of the gift of life with like-minded people

  • Jeff Donaldson

    Jeff Donaldson

  • Maxwell Newall Music

    Maxwell Newall Music

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